Girl with tattoos

Note: As you can see this is the first post in English. Most visitors are outside of the Poland, so I decided to switch to English. Hopefully now even more people will be able to enjoy (or hate? ;-)) the blog content.

There are street shots and street shots with “story behind it”. In the underground passage of Central Railway Station I spotted really extraordinary girl. She was covered with quite aggressive tattoos – guns, skulls etc. Literally covered, including her face! Almost all folks who pass by couldn’t resist to stare at her, sometimes with really unfriendly facial expressions…

The light was really bad, so I quickly turned into “amateur stalker” :-). For a few minutes I was walking behind her, hoping that at some point she has to come out where the light will be much better. Obviously it wasn’t the most comfortable situation to surprisingly hook on the street an unknown person, that everyone around me stare. Eventually, it turned out that she is very friendly and although she did not agree to a quick portrait, she let me take a picture of one of her tattoos.

Probably it’s not the best picture on earth, but for me it was an important breakthrough in street photography. Now I’m sure that I can approach anyone on the street and get better streetshoots.

Tattoo on her thigh.
Tattoo on her thigh.

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