Small things that matters

Sometimes small things, things that we don’t notice, matters. I used to completely “ignore” my way home. The pattern was: go into the car and drive on “autopilot”. This has changed a lot when I moved to a place near Warsaw, to the countryside. Now, when I drive through fields full of cabbages, potatoes and other stuff which I can’t even name, it’s really the time of relaxing. There is no traffic, no noise, you just have to go slower because it’s a countryside road. At least for now it works for me as a trigger to shift from 5’th gear to 2’nd. On top of that, from time to time you can witness beautiful sunsets. When that happens, I just stop my car, block part of the road (but who cares, there are no other cars!) and shot.

On my way to home...
On my way to home…

Fuji X-T10, 35/f5.6, 1/500, raw.

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