Streets of Marrakech

First post from my travel to Marrocco – one of the most surprising experiences in my life.

I knew that comparing to where I live (Poland), Marrocco had to be exotic – to be honest, I did not put a lot of effort into research before the trip :-). But on the other hand, Thailand was also completely different than Europe and I quickly felt like at home. Thus Marrocco should give me a similar feeling, right? Wrong.

We’ve landed quite late, after 14 hours journey and immediately I was on the streets of Medina in Marrakesh – narrows streets full of people, donkeys, cats, with dim light and smell like nowhere else. Some minutes later pageant funeral cut my way while some people tried to sell me… well almost anything and nothing at the same time. To understand it You have to experience it. And because one picture is worth a thousand words…

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